Monthly Sales Reports

Sales Summary for March 2018

Total company sales improved 7.8% to a year ago in March. Same store sales of retail and online stores also increased 11.5% to a year earlier.

Favorable weather conditions accelerated sales of spring items including spring coats, suits, shirts, cut-and-sewn, and pants for men, and spring coats, blouses, skirts, dresses, and bags for women.Purchasing customers at existing stores, and stores including retail, UNITED ARROWS ONLINE STORE and ZOZOTOWN increased 9.2% and 9.7% to a year ago, respectively. For reference, the effect of one additional holiday compared to a year ago would have been +1.9% to the same store sales of retail and online.

In CHROME HEARTS JP, GK business unit sales shrunk by 6.7% to a year earlier.

The following items were especially popular in the month under review:

Spring coats, Shirts, Cut-and-sewn, and Pants etc.

Spring coats, Blouses, Skirts, and Dresses etc.

Sales Data for FY 2018 (YoY)

Apr. May June July Aug. Sep. 1H
Company Totals Total company sales 98.7 96.2 95.7 94.1 99.3 100.4 97.2
Total company sales (reference)* 107.5 105.1 105.2 103.4 112.7 109.4 106.8
 Total business unit sales* 108.4 103.7 104.2 101.8 113.5 109.0 106.2
 Retail sales of
total company*
105.5 98.3 101.9 98.4 111.5 105.9 102.9
 Online sales of
total company*
123.9 132.6 113.4 115.2 121.9 122.7 121.0
 Number of retail customers* 102.6 96.8 96.2 93.8 118.2 105.2 100.3
 Ave. spend per
retail customer*
102.8 101.6 105.9 105.0 94.4 100.7 102.6
 Outlet sales 103.0 112.7 112.4 115.2 109.1 112.0 110.6
Existing Stores Same store sales (retail and online) 105.3 101.7 101.9 100.0 111.4 107.9 104.1
 Same store retail sales 101.6 95.7 99.4 96.6 108.8 104.1 100.2
 Same store online sales 123.6 133.5 112.0 115.7 120.6 122.8 120.9
 Number of retail customers 99.3 94.4 94.1 92.8 115.5 102.5 98.0
 Ave. spend per
retail customer
102.3 101.4 105.6 104.1 94.2 101.5 102.3
Oct. Nov. Dec. Jan. Feb. Mar. FY
Company Totals Total company sales 103.6 109.6 108.4 99.7 105.6 107.8 106.2
 Total business unit sales 103.4 108.5 107.8 98.7 104.2 108.4 105.6
 Retail sales of
total company
100.3 107.2 104.0 95.9 105.5 109.7 103.2
 Online sales of
total company
120.1 115.2 125.8 108.6 101.5 107.3 116.4
 Number of retail customers 97.4 106.2 103.1 97.2 103.2 107.8 101.1
 Ave. spend per
retail customer*
103.0 101.0 100.9 98.7 102.2 101.8 102.0
 Outlet sales 104.3 116.0 112.3 106.2 114.8 104.5 110.0
Existing Stores Same store sales (retail and online) 102.3 106.7 105.0 97.0 104.8 111.5 104.2
 Same store retail sales 98.7 104.9 101.5 94.1 105.5 110.3 101.2
 Same store online sales 119.4 113.7 121.8 106.3 103.0 115.9 116.4
 Number of retail customers 94.9 103.0 100.0 94.5 103.0 109.2 99.0
 Ave. spend per
retail customer
104.0 101.9 101.5 99.6 102.4 101.0 102.2

Sales Data by Business

Business unit Total business units sales 112.5 115.9 75.5
 Retail sales of total company 112.1 115.5 84.3
 Online sales of total company 121.0 118.0 54.7
Number of retail customers 112.5 113.2 69.8
Ave. spending per retail customer 99.6 102.1 120.9
Existing stores Same store sales(retail & online) 111.7 112.8 106.0
 Same store retail sales 110.0 111.6 107.5
 Same store online sales 117.8 117.9 101.1
Number of retail customers 110.3 109.3 102.9
Ave. spending per retail customer 99.7 102.2 104.5


Please let us know sales trend in March.
Existing store sales of retail and online grew year-on-year during every week except the first week. The decline of the first week was due to the different schedule of promotion campaign at a major shopping center (from 2nd to 8th last year, from 8th to 14th this year). Existing sales improved more than 20% during the second and third week.
What do you think were the reasons for the strong results in March?
In the first half of the month, sales of spring coats and formal items were strong. From the middle of the month, sales of spring items were accelerated due to the temperature rise. In the women’s category, many items were popular such as knitwear, blouses, skits, and dresses. In the men’s category, sales were robust in both casual clothes and business items.
Please provide us with reasons for the recovery of online sales.
The ratio of discount sales to total sales tends to be higher at online stores than retail stores. Due to the lack of inventories of discount items, growth of online stores was mild in January and February. In March, a large part of sales were made from regular priced items both retail and online stores, so that the online results recovered.
Why is there a difference between the growth of online sales between total stores (107.3%YoY) and existing stores (115.9%YoY)?
We have closed 22 online stores of Another Edition, Boisson Chocolat, and EN ROUTE from late January to February. Sales of those stores had around 10% shares to total online sales in March 2017. The dropout of those stores’ sales led to the YoY difference between total and existing stores in March 2018. Excluding the negative effect of the dropout, the growth of total online store sales would have been similar to the growth of existing store sales.

* "Total business unit sales" includes the sales of retail, online, and wholesale, etc. "Outlet sales" includes sales of outlet stores and at special events.
* "Number of retail customers" and "Average spend per retail customer" are calculated from retail sales only.
** An existing store is defined as a retail/online store that has been opened for more than 13 months and it was opened in the same month of the previous year. The number is subject to change. In following cases, stores are excluded from the existing store count; retail stores which close one or more days or open in smaller sales spaces due to renovation or other reasons, online stores which close one or more days due to system upgrades or other reasons.
* UA:UNITED ARROWS, GLR:UNITED ARROWS green rabel relaxing, SBU:Small Business Units
* GLR includes green label relaxing and WORK TRIP OUTFITS GREEN LABEL RELAXING.
* SBU includes "Another Edition", "Jewel Changes", "Odette e Odile", "Boisson Chocolat", "Drawer", "EN ROUTE", "THE AIRPORT STORE UNITED ARROWS LTD.", "THE STATION STORE UNITED ARROWS LTD."
* ASTRAET's results of FY2016 is included in UA's results and excluded from SBU's results of FY2016 to calicurate the YOY data due to our organizational change at April 2016.
* UNITED ARROWS LTD. took steps to spin off the CHROME HEARTS business in October 2016. As a result, CHROME HEARTS business sales are not included in the Company’s non-consolidated net sales effective from the month of spinoff. In order to present comparative data for existing businesses in an easier to understand manner, year-on-year monthly information relating to Companywide net sales, the number of customers, and average spending per customer marked with an asterisk is provided after excluding CHROME HEARTS business results from the corresponding month of the previous year.
* CHROME HEARTS business results are also not included in existing store sales, the number of customers, and average spending per customer from the corresponding month of the previous year because the CHROME HEARTS business has been excluded from the number of existing stores from October 2016.

* For detailed data, please download either the relevant EXCEL or PDF files below. If you are interested in historical monthly sales summaries, please select the EXCEL file. If you are interested in only this monthly sales summary, please select the PDF file.


Monthly Sales Summary


  • The Year Ended March 31, 2017 [ PDF/120KB ]
  • Store Openings and Closings

    [Retail] Newly opened 2: green label relaxing 2
              Renovated 5:BEAUTY&YOUTH UNITED ARROWS 2, green label relaxing 3
              Closed 1:BEAUTY&YOUTH UNITED ARROWS 1
    [Online] None
    [Outlet] None

    * For detailed data, please download either the relevant EXCEL or PDF file.

    The Year Ending March 31, 2018 [ EXCEL/135.0KB ][ PDF/66.0KB ]