Corporate Philosophy

Our Mission

With sincerity and a sense of beauty,
we continually create new tomorrows for our customers, setting the standard for lifestyle culture.

Through service, products, and places charged with sincerity and a sense of beauty, we help each of our customers dress for the lives they lead today and for richer lives tomorrow.

We believe that engaging daily in this way can create a richer, brighter world.

By banding together, firm in this conviction, and speeding forward like an arrow, we will continue to set an indispensable standard for lifestyle culture.

Our Way

All for the Customer

Our way describes the fundamental stance that all employees who work at United Arrows should bear in mind in order to achieve our mission.

We work to help our customers, to benefit our customers, and to fulfill our customers’ needs. Making our customers happy is the essence of the United Arrows Group, and this must remain our fundamental stance.

Helping, benefiting, and fulfilling the needs of customers sometimes takes longer, involves a greater number of hands, and costs more than expected. This is why we pursue productivity, speed, and quality, looking beyond what is expected of us in our constant pursuit of customer service.

Everything we do must be for our customers. Only by providing proper service can we provide fair value for our customers’ money. Our customers’ happiness leads to our happiness. We are nothing without our customers.


Creating Five Values

  • Value for Customers
  • Value for Employees
  • Value for Business Partners
  • Value for Society
  • Value for Shareholders

Five kinds of stakeholders sustain the United Arrows Group: customers, employees, business partners, society, and shareholders.

We are committed to realizing our mission by increasing value for each of these stakeholder groups, creating value for customers, value for employees, value for business partners, value for society, and value for shareholders.

The most important of these is creating value for our customers; only by creating value for our customers can we create value for our other four stakeholder groups. In addition, we believe that balanced creation of the other four values also leads to improved value for our customers.