Message from the

The UNITED ARROWS LTD.’s Corporate Philosophy is “With sincerity and a sense of beauty, we continually create new tomorrows for our customers, setting the standard for lifestyle culture.” Like the name UNITED ARROWS, all employees are bonded with one another, share an unwavering mindset, and work together toward achieving this goal.

It is not easy to continually create new tomorrows for our customers and set the standard for lifestyle culture, and final goals are not set. All of our activities start with thinking of our customers. We put customers’ interests first when making decisions and suggestions that are a half-step ahead of the times, and thereby fulfill our mission of helping our customers enjoy affluent lifestyles.

In May 2023, we announced our long-term vision, which will conclude the fiscal year ending March 2036, as well as our medium-term management plan to kick off the first three years toward that vision, which will conclude the fiscal year ending March 2026.

The slogan of the long-term vision is “The beautiful company UNITED ARROWS. We will continue to pursue truth, goodness, and beauty in order to contribute to the realization of a sustainable society and become a high-value-added group that continues to be loved by customers.” When we accomplish this long-term vision, our company will become a highly sensitive and high-value-added lifestyle provider group, and we hope to be an indispensable part of living sensitively in Japan.

One value we should hold to achieve our long-term vision is breaking away from a sales expansion orientation based on the premise of mass production and mass consumption, and instead shift toward broadening our customer base and expanding the scope of the value we provide. We still have much unexplored territory and many customers we have yet to acquire if we are to provide the standard for lifestyle culture, which has been an aspiration since our founding. We aim to create the standard for lifestyle culture and achieve our long-term vision by expanding our fashion-focused business domain to include all lifestyles, and expanding our customer base through highly sensitive, high-value-added services.

We sincerely ask our stakeholders to continue to support the UNITED ARROWS Group.

Representative Director, President and CEO

Yoshinori Matsuzaki