Our Business Model

Overview of the Retail Apparel Market

Provides an overview of Japan’s retail apparel market and trends in the UNITED ARROWS Group’s Sales

Provides an overview of Japan’s retail apparel market and trends in the UNITED ARROWS Group’s Sales

Markets in which the UNITED ARROWS Group Operates

The UNITED ARROWS Group classifies the apparel market into two broad categories: the volume market, which mainly consists of relatively low-priced daily clothing, and the trend-conscious market, which is for consumers who are highly sensitive to fashion trends. The main thrust of the Group's business activities is directed toward the latter trend-conscious market. As such, our customer base is made up of consumers who have a strong interest in and want to enrich their lives through fashion. Specific operating activities are driven by an awareness of this customer segment.

What is a select shop?

A select shop is a shop that provides customers with a range of products that buyers have selected from all over the world in accordance with the brand concept. In Japan, there are many select shops that sell their own branded products as well as those purchased from suppliers, and UNITED ARROWS LTD. is also one of those select shops. With only purchased products, it is difficult for a shop to make big profits, and on the other hand, with only their own branded products, product lineups tend to become monotonous. Japanese-style select shops, which sell both, have the characteristics of being able to achieve both a wide selection of products and high profitability.
Our company set the optimum percentage distribution between our branded products and purchased products for each brand in consideration of the customer characteristics of the brand.

Three Elements of Customer Satisfaction

We will continue to hone our services, products, and places—the three elements of customer satisfaction—as the source of our competitiveness. By continually improving these three elements, we seek to realize our mission “to continually create, with sincerity and a sense of beauty, new tomorrows for our customers that set the standard for lifestyle culture.”

  • Service

    Responsive customer service grounded in refined hospitality.

  • Products

    Carefully made and selected products that incorporate a broad global perspective and satisfy the five criteria.

    *The five criteria: Customers can purchase (1) what they want, (2) in the quantity they want, (3) when they want, (4) where they want, and (5) at the prices they want.

  • Places

    Facilities, spaces, and environments, including shops, e-commerce, and other customer touchpoints, that are genuinely comfortable and pleasant.


The foundation of our brand value is the shopping experiences of customers who are served by salespersons at physical stores. We will heighten the value of customer experience by enhancing our sales capabilities through training on customer service and sales operations, and by offering customized service using advanced CRM, which utilizes digital technologies. Salespersons are also responsible for feeding back customers’ opinions about products to the product department. One of their major roles to deliver honest feedback from customers to make our product lineups more attractive.


Company-wide Direction, which shows plans for each of the spring-summer and fall-winter seasons, is laid out while considering the latest fashion trends (colors, materials, collections, etc.), social situations, and cultural trends such as movies and music. Based on the Company-wide Direction, Fashion Direction is formulated in accordance with the characteristics of each business before starting development of our own branded products or purchasing products from suppliers. The combination of our company’s branded products, which have been developed while considering the latest trends and customer needs, and the purchased products that are specially selected from around the world, enables us to provide a high quality and trend-sensitive assortment of products.


Our shops are places where customers can experience our service and products. We are creating an aesthetic and comfortable store environment as a place where customers can experience a highly trend-sensitive assortment of products and high quality customer service. By doing so, we want our customers to be excited while shopping and feel that their shopping experience at our shops itself adds values. With online shopping prevailing in recent years, we renovated our company’s online store system in March 2022, and started using our own infrastructure, including distribution centers. Our online store also creates a world attractive to customers and is evolving as a place of high convenience.

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