Inquiries related to Investor Relations

To send your inquiries, please read the following notes and check the box if you agree with the notes.

Notes on inquiries

  • This form is only for inquiries regarding Investor Relations.
    Please contact our customer service for inquiries regarding our products and stores by clicking link below.
  • It may take about 3 days excluding weekends and national holidays to reply to your message.
  • Depending on the content of the inquiry, we may contact you by letter or telephone. There is a case we may refrain from answering your inquiries depending on the content.
  • Our replies are sent to you personally. We kindly request to refrain from using our emails for secondary use or reproduction in part or in whole without permission.

Privacy Policy

Your personal information is encrypted by SSL to prevent it from being viewed by unauthorized persons.
Your personal information will be used by our company to respond to your comments and inquiries and will be managed appropriately in accordance with our company’s Personal Information Protection Policy.

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