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Notes on inquiries

This contact form is only for inquiries about our products, sales at stores, etc.
You cannot use this contact form for new business transactions.

After we receive your inquiry, we will send a confirmation email to your email address.
If you have not received the confirmation email, we will not have completed processing the inquiry for some reason.
Inquiries will be checked during the business hours of our company (10:00–17:00 excluding Saturdays, Sundays, National holidays and New Year holidays).
Depending on the content of your inquiry, it may take some time to reply or we may not be able to answer your question.

Please note that if your inquiry is about the business of our group company, you may receive a reply directly from the group company.
The reply from our company will be addressed to the person who inquired.
Please refrain from disclosing or reprinting the contents and the text of our reply on web pages or to third-party information organizations, or using them for secondary use in publications, etc., without the prior consent of our company. The copyright of the contents and the text belong to our company.
Please note that we may take appropriate measures in the event that unauthorized reprinting or disclosure of the reply, or defamation or slander contrary to the facts of the reply is found.
You may not receive a reply from our company if you restrict email domains.
Please contact us using the email form after changing your setting to accept the domain “”
We may refrain from replying to anonymous emails.

Privacy Policy

Your personal information is encrypted by SSL to prevent it from being viewed by unauthorized persons.
Your personal information will be used by our company to respond to your comments and inquiries and will be managed appropriately in accordance with our company’s Privacy Policy.

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