Disclosure Policies

Basic Policy regarding IR Activities

UNITED ARROWS LTD.’s basic policy on disclosure places the utmost emphasis on the continuous and voluntary provision of candid and equitable information in a timely manner. In addition to enhancing management transparency, the Company will endeavor to improve the integrity of corporate management and generate shareholder value by communicating appropriately with its shareholders and other investors.

Information Disclosure Criteria and Methods

UNITED ARROWS LTD. has classified information disclosure into three broad types. Details are presented briefly as follows.

1. Information requiring timely disclosure
This includes important information pertaining to the Company stipulated under the timely disclosure rules and regulations issued by the Tokyo Stock Exchange (TSE). UNITED ARROWS LTD. makes every effort to disclose details of all decisions made by the Company in a timely manner immediately following their ratification by the Board of Directors.

Further, matters that may significantly impact investment decisions, including revisions to projected business performance, are subject to more stringent internal criteria and disclosed in accordance with internal rules and regulations.

2. Information subject to arbitrary disclosure
While not subject to the stipulations outlined under classification 1. above, this is information that is deemed to have an impact on the investment decisions of shareholders and other investors. In the case of UNITED ARROWS LTD., examples of information subject to arbitrary disclosure are presented briefly as follows:
- Monthly sales information (in principle, to be disclosed on the second business day of each following month)
- Personnel and organizational changes and other related information

3. Other information of a corporate communication nature
This includes promotional information relating to the Company's stores, merchandise, and other activities.

After registration with the TSE's TDnet (Timely Disclosure Network), information requiring timely disclosure and information subject to arbitrary disclosure are posted on the Company's IR website. In addition, registered individuals are sent copies of the Company's e-mail magazine and receive notifications of any information update via e-mail.

Comprehensive Communication

UNITED ARROWS LTD. proactively engages in comprehensive communication activities aimed at providing a deeper understanding of the Company. Among a host of available IR tools, UNITED ARROWS LTD. holds briefing sessions for investors.

IR Tools
- IR website (regularly updated)
- Integrated Report (issued once yearly)
- Presentation Material of Earnings Announcements (issued quarterly)
- Data Book (issued twice yearly)
- Other

Various IR Briefing Sessions
1. For institutional investors
- Earnings Announcements (held quarterly, including telephone conferencing)
- Small meetings (held around 10 times a year)
- One-on-one meetings (undertaken around 300 times a year)
- Tours of stores and facilities (irregular)
- Other

2. For the mass media
- Earnings Announcements (held quarterly)

3. For individual investors
- Various IR briefing sessions held by securities firms and IR support companies (irregular)

Please refer to the IR Calendar section for details regarding the timing of IR communication activities and the scheduling of IR briefing sessions.

Timely Information Disclosure Structure and Systems

1. Division responsible for timely disclosure
At UNITED ARROWS LTD., the president oversees the overall implementation and promotion of IR activities. Supporting the president, the director in charge of investor relations is responsible for handling the disclosure of information, and the IR Department is responsible for ensuring the timely disclosure of such information. Collaborating closely with related departments and divisions, steps are taken to identify pertinent information, to prepare all necessary documentation, and to ensure their timely disclosure.

In addition, the IR Department is responsible for addressing all inquiries from individuals and organizations with an interest in the market as well as shareholders and other investors.

2. Identification of information for timely disclosure
The officer responsible for handling the disclosure of information and the head of the IR Department attend in-house weekly, monthly, and all other important meetings. At these meetings, effort is made to gather information on the status of measures implemented by each division. In addition, the IR Department takes steps to collect detailed information that is difficult to fully collate through meetings and other related forums by conducting hearings with relevant and related departments, divisions, and stores.

In the event that any incidence of information subject to timely disclosure is anticipated, the department or division that handles the subject information reports all details to the officer responsible for handling the disclosure of information and the head of the IR Department in a timely manner.

3. Preparation of timely information disclosure documentation and disclosure
The Finance and Accounting Department is responsible for preparing all documentation relating to UNITED ARROWS LTD.’s financial results and quarterly reports. Documentation relating to the Company’s shares and personnel transfers and assignments is prepared and handled by the General Affairs and Legal Department and the Human Resources Department, respectively. After obtaining the final check and confirmation of the relevant department or division, the officer responsible for handling the disclosure of information and the head of the IR Department ensure the information’s timely disclosure.

4. Management of timely disclosure information
UNITED ARROWS LTD. has put in place a set of rules and regulations governing the handling and storage of internal information. The utmost emphasis is placed on ensuring the confidentiality of information subject to timely disclosure. The officer responsible for handling the disclosure of information works diligently to prevent any leakage of insider information to external parties and to prevent any incidence of internal insider trading.

Timely information disclosure framework
Timely information disclosure framework

Quiet Period

UNITED ARROWS LTD. has identified the period from the next day of each quarterly financial setting date to each quarterly financial results announcement as a so-called quite period. This initiative aims to prevent the leakage of financial results information and to ensure equity. During this period, the Company refrains from responding to financial results inquiries and from holding individual IR meetings. In the event, however, that an important incident arises during the quiet period that is subject to timely disclosure, the details are immediately announced in accordance with the timely information disclosure rules and regulations. UNITED ARROWS LTD. aims to disclose monthly sales information on the second business day of each following month. The Company accordingly refrains from commenting on sales data during any relevant applicable month in an effort to ensure the equity of information disclosure.

Precautionary Notes Regarding Statements with Respect to Future Forecasts

The business performance and financial results forecasts provided by UNITED ARROWS LTD. that are not statements of objective histrical fact are based on assumptions and beliefs in light of information currently available to the Company's management. Accordingly, this information contains certain risks and uncertainties. With this in mind, readers are advised that actual results may differ materially from forecasts due to a variety of factors including changes in economic conditions within markets in which UNITED ARROWS LTD. operates, market trends, and fluctuations in foreign currency exchange rates.