Company Policy

UNITED ARROWS LTD.’s Company Policy provides the vision and purpose of its everyday activities. Its Policy Structure, in turn, outlines the elements required to realize this policy. As the path to which we consistently aspire, our Company Policy embodies the unwavering values that we have held since our foundation.

Policy Structure

Company Policy

Creating a New Japanese Standard

The UNITED ARROWS Group continues to set new standards of Japanese lifestyle. We seek to create globally recognizable value by seamlessly combining Japanese culture and traditions with those of the west.

We will maintain an unwavering focus on promoting values that set new standards of Japanese lifestyle by consistently providing our three key sources of customer satisfaction across each era.
Great service ― finely tuned customer service of the highest quality
Great products ― well made and carefully handpicked products that incorporated a broad global perspective
Great environment ― facilities, spaces, and environments that deliver genuine comfort and pleasure

In our never-ending quest for beauty, we will work tirelessly to deliver productivity, speed, and quality in an effort to achieve our goals.

Recognizing that our mission extends well beyond the conduct of business across a narrow scope that caters to limited customers, we acknowledge the need to pursue greater scale and continuous growth in setting new standards of Japanese lifestyle.

Bound together by the aforementioned objectives, we will endeavor to become a company that is defined by its radiance with a strong sense of purpose and heightened awareness.

Mission Statement

It's All About the Customer

Acknowledged as a matter of course, business entails being useful to customers while delivering benefits and meeting needs. The basic stance of the UNITED ARROWS Group is therefore to bring pleasure to its customers.

Put simply, our duty is to serve our customers. By focusing solely on the proper provision of great services, we are assured of receiving proper returns. In this regard, the pleasure of its customers is inextricably linked to the pleasure of the UNITED ARROWS Group.

Human Resources Policy

Creative Merchant

Our ideal concept of a creative merchant entails the harmonious integration of each of the customer service, business, and creative mindsets. We also envisage mastering the complexities of a wide range of fields while maintaining specialist expertise in a single area.

It is of the utmost importance that we acquire, nurture, and strengthen these customer service, business, and creative mindsets. Coexistence between each mindset is seen not in terms of conflict or contradiction, but resides in our heart as a single force that guides our daily activities along a true and fresh path.

Product Development Policy

Traditional Mind

Our concept of product development is encapsulated in the term “traditional mind.” A traditional mind entails a deep respect for history and heritage coupled with innovation that drives the creation of new traditions. This is a concept that all employees of the UNITED ARROWS Group must hold dear in their hearts.

Only through ongoing innovation is there evolution and growth. At the same time, traditions can only be created through the steady accumulation of innovation. Passing from one generation to the next is merely a process of perpetuation and does not result in the creation of a fresh history and heritage.

Moreover, when selecting or creating new products, the UNITED ARROWS Group continuously strives to take full advantage of its creativity. Our goal is to distinguish ourselves from competitors through our well-recognized originality.

Our Promise

Our Five Core Values

The UNITED ARROWS Group is supported by five separate and distinct stakeholders: customers, employees, business partners, society, and shareholders.

It is therefore imperative that we continue to enhance our balanced approach toward creating and increasing customer, employee, business partner, social, and shareholder value.

Of these five values, creating customer value is our principal priority.

This reflects our understanding that the ability to create employee, business partner, social, and shareholder value rests entirely on securing customer value.

The UNITED ARROWS Group Code of Conduct expresses how we should think and act to realize the company policy of the UNITED ARROWS Group. Acting in accordance with this policy, our mission is to contribute to society by continuing to create five types of value. We will constantly review the Code of Conduct in line with societal changes and demands, and by acting based on it we aim to continue to fulfill our mission of contributing to society. For this, each of us needs to think and act in a manner that always lives up to the expectations of our customers.

Creating Value for Customers

We view all those that take an interest in our stores as customers, and we feel that the duty of each employee at the UNITED ARROWS Group is to continue creating customers, no matter what division they may work in. In this endeavor, we are devoted to fully satisfying and inspiring our customers through the various services we provide so that they will feel compelled to make future visits to our stores. Without these customers, our stores will cease to exist. The UNITED ARROWS Group defines creating value for customers as building trust-based relationships with our customers. To accomplish this, we are constantly pursuing higher levels of perceptiveness and aesthetic sense with regard to the three key elements for providing customer satisfaction―great service, great products, and great environment. The warm hospitality this breeds will inspire our customers. As this inspiration spreads from customer to customer, compelling visits both initial and repeat, our stores in turn will grow.

Code of Conduct for Creating Value for Customers

1Five key criteria of merchandising

To satisfy our customers’ needs, we will provide a stable supply of products to offer them the products they want, when they want, where they want, in the quantities they want, and at the prices they want. We will also continue to be ahead of the pack in developing new products that excite and thrill our customers. We believe that continuing to provide services grounded in the Mission Statement of the UNITED ARROWS Group―It’s All about the Customers―will lead to the creation of value for our customers.

2Safety and quality of services, products and store environments

To build and maintain trust with our customers, we will expend all possible efforts to ensure the reliability and quality of three key elements for providing customer satisfaction―great service, great products, and great environment. We will also pursue continued improvements in reliability and quality, develop a system that prevents recurrence in the event that a problem arises, raise awareness about this system, and establish it as a key framework for the entire group.

3Proper display of information in an easy-to-understand format

From a customer-based mindset, we will develop a breadth of product expertise and accumulate information that is beneficial to customers. This will be provided to customers in an easy-to-understand manner.
In addition, we will ensure that information regarding our products and services is disclosed in an appropriate manner in accordance with laws and regulations.

4Prompt response to complaints and effective application

We will treat customer inquiries and feedback as valuable messages from customers, and respond to them promptly and in good faith. We will constantly organize, make use of, and provide feedback to this information to facilitate product development and ensure service improvement.

5Appropriate protection of customer information

We will properly protect personal information, by fully understanding the objectives of Japan’s Personal Information Protection Act and similar laws in other countries, and by developing appropriate information management systems based on the importance of the information.

Creating Value for Employees

The name UNITED ARROWS LTD. is derived from the Company’s quest to “UNITE” the “ARROWS” that travel straight toward a single target. The name is an expression that encapsulates the individuality of each and every employee working toward a common mission. Projecting our stance toward human resources, UNITED ARROWS LTD. reflects an organization made up of diverse and unique employees bound together under a single aspiration. To fulfill our common mission, employees at UNITED ARROWS Group improve productivity by pursuing high goals, valuing their comrades, learning and growing together, and finally overcoming the trials placed before them as a team. We hope to continue providing these employees with an environment that enables them to utilize their strengths and with opportunities to grow and develop their skills. At the same time, we want to reward employees amply for the results they create. By achieving this, we aim to make UNITED ARROWS Group into a company in which all employees can work in a manner that suits them, and feel truly happy with their work.

Code of Conduct for Creating Value for Employees

1A lively workplace

We are a Group that will recognize the diverse personalities and capabilities of our employees, respect and trust one another, place importance on teamwork, and move forward with the common mission of acting in accordance with the company policy of the UNITED ARROWS Group. We believe that our human resources policy for ensuring a workplace where employees can work with vitality must offer employees opportunities to live out their dreams, do worthwhile work, demonstrate professionalism, have enthusiasm, set targets, be dynamic, feel a sense of growth, experience well-being, find meaning in their work, and have a sense of values.

2A fair and impartial work environment

The UNITED ARROWS Group’s diverse network of valued personnel includes employees of different ages, genders, nationalities, and religious faiths all working together. We will provide in a fair and right manner workplaces where all employees can act and achieve personal growth. We will absolutely avoid discriminatory treatment based on the diverse backgrounds of our employees.
Similarly, we will also not tolerate sexual harassment, power harassment, or other forms of harassment in our workplaces. We will comply with Japan’s Labor Standards Act and related laws and regulations and similar laws and regulations in other countries, and endeavor to provide and share appropriate related information.

3Employee health and safety

We will develop and improve our systems for supporting employees’ physical and mental health by holding meetings of the Health and Safety Committee and offering access to industrial physicians and nurses.
At the same time, we will take measures for preventing unforeseen accidents in the workplace in order to create safe workplace environments.

4An environment conducive to personnel training

Through our education programs, we evolve further with each coming day to better serve our customers.
Accordingly, we will create an environment that is conducive to education in each of our workplaces, one in which employees can develop the appropriate stance toward work and acquire the necessary knowledge and skills.

Creating Value for Business Partners

We view all individuals and organizations that have business relationships with the UNITED ARROWS Group as our business partners. These partners are absolutely essential in advancing our business activities, and, for this reason, one-sided relationships in which only one party benefits must not exist between the Company and its partners. Accordingly, we will never forget a feeling of appreciation toward our partners for their willingness to sell to us, buy from us, and offer their cooperation in other ways. In conducting transactions, both the Company and our partners will be viewed as being of equal importance and we will orient our interests in the same direction. Rather than only focusing on our own value, we will also place an emphasis on helping our partners grow so that we may create value for them as well.

Code of Conduct for Creating Value for Business Partners

1Conduct that adheres to laws and regulations

We will comply with Japan’s Antimonopoly Act, Subcontracting Act, Act for Preventing Unjustifiable Lagniappes and Misleading Representation, and similar laws and regulations in other countries. We strictly forbid acts such as private monopolization and offering unfair price treatment in our sales activities as well as refusal to conduct business with specific individuals or organizations and abuse of dominant position in our purchasing. We will constantly raise awareness within our Group, develop our monitoring and other frameworks, and respond appropriately to ensure that we do not violate these laws.

2A mindset that is grateful to business partners

All our business partners are absolutely essential in advancing our business activities. We will never forget our feeling of appreciation for them, and will conduct our business with them as equals and orient our interests in the same direction. We will retain a persistent focus on growing together by continuing to learn from one another and come up with innovative ideas.

3Respect for intellectual property

In product development, sales activities, advertising, and other areas, we will correctly understand and respect the plans, intentions, and creativity of designers and creators. We will also appropriately manage and preserve copyrights, trademarks, and other intellectual property.

4Fair and impartial transactions

We will stress the importance of conducting just and fair transactions, and we will not engage in acts considered to be collusive. If we receive entertainment, gifts, and other such treatment from business partners or others in relation to our business, we will take care not to violate the generally accepted social norms for such behavior, and we will absolutely refuse to accept favors or profit on a personal basis.

Creating Value for Society

The Company believes that creating values that will form the basis for new lifestyle cultures in Japan is of the foremost importance in creating value for society. In our business activities, we realize the importance of paying taxes appropriately, complying with the laws of the countries and regions in which we operate, and respecting local cultures and customs. We also place an emphasis on preserving environments on the community level, remaining considerate of society, and building relationships of trust with society. Further, we are developing workplace environments and a corporate culture that encourage employees to volunteer to participate in local beautification or cleanup activities or other volunteer activities. In these manners, we are contributing to the development of society together with our employees.

Code of Conduct for Creating Value for Society

1Earn the trust of society

Our business activities are made possible by the health and continued development of society. This is why we feel it is essential that we pay taxes appropriately and build relationships of trust with society by complying with the laws and regulations of countries and regions in which we operate.
We will have absolutely no connection with organized crime groups, corporate extortionists, or other anti-social forces, and will work with the police and related bodies to take an organized Group-wide stance against such criminal elements.

2Contribute to improvement of lifestyles and culture

Through actions characterized by the unique qualities of the UNITED ARROWS Group, we will contribute to improving the lifestyles and culture of Japan and other countries. We will respect local cultures and customs, and contribute by actively participating in events for improving the environment, people’s welfare, and culture.

3Environmental conservation and social contributions

Based on our belief that being environmentally friendly is also being friendly to people, we will endeavor to minimize our environmental impact through the 3Rs―reducing, reusing, and recycling. We will also respect, actively promote, and support social contribution activities carried out voluntarily by our employees based on a sense of respect and appreciation for the Earth. These include volunteering, fund-raising, donating to charity, and environmental clean-ups.

Code of Conduct for Creating Value for Shareholders

Shareholders are those people that invest in the Company, and they are also its owners. By investing in the Company, shareholders earn a variety of rights, including the right to receive a share of the Company’s profits and to participate in its management (voting rights). However, in actuality, the management of the Company is entrusted to the directors elected at shareholder meetings, and daily business activities are entrusted to the Company’s employees. For this reason, everyone in the UNITED ARROWS Group holds a strong sense of responsibility toward their duties, whether these be managerial or operational. Moreover, we communicate circumstances relating to the Company in a timely and appropriate manner. In these ways, we actively work to create value for shareholders. At the same time, we are devoted to maximizing the income of our shareholders (dividends and income from stock price improvements) by increasing the earnings of the Company itself. It goes without saying that in order to increase corporate earnings, we must also create value for customers, as our sales correspond to the extent to which we are valued by customers.

Creating Value for Shareholders

1Investor relations activities

To actively increase value for our shareholders, investors, and all our stakeholders, we will endeavor to actively communicate with them through shareholder meetings and IR activities. IR activities do more than simply provide various types of information: they also serve as a way of conveying outside opinions to management and enable us to build better relationships with all our stakeholders.

2Control of internal information

We will never use or pass on non-public information for our own profit or that of others. We also conduct strict information management within the Group in accordance with relevant laws and regulations in Japan and other countries.

3Timely information disclosure

We promise to always disclose correct information in a fair and timely manner and on an ongoing and voluntary basis.