A Message from the President

At United Arrows, we define our mission as “with sincerity and a sense of beauty, to continually create new tomorrows for our customers, setting the standard for lifestyle culture.” Through our service, products, and places, we help each of our customers dress for the lives they lead today and for richer lives tomorrow.

The environment for the apparel market is changing rapidly, with a growing diversification of customer shopping styles and attitudes toward clothing. In order to accurately assess customer needs and address various management challenges, we have established “all for the customer” as the way to guide us in making decisions.

Our way will guide all of our corporate activities. We believe that facing each customer before us with sincerity, thinking plainly about how to solve their issues and acting accordingly, and thereby contributing broadly to society, will lead to the creation of the five values (value for customers, employees, business partners, society, and shareholders) that are positioned as our commitment to society.

Thank you for your continued support and understanding for the United Arrows Group and its corporate activities.

Representative Director,
President ,and CEO

Mitsuhiro Takeda