Message from the President

“It’s All About the Customers” is the overarching Mission Statement of UNITED ARROWS LTD.. With this as our underlying driving force, “we are creating globally recognizable value by setting new standards of Japanese lifestyle” as our Company Policy. Guided by our Mission Statement, the “thoughts and views of our customers” has been positioned at the heart of our Company Policy since the Company’s foundation. Moving forward, we will maintain our commitment to business activities that genuinely reflect our customers’ perspective.

UNITED ARROWS LTD. continues to set new standards of Japanese lifestyle. We seek to create globally recognizable value by seamlessly combining Japanese culture and traditions with those of the west.

We will maintain an unwavering focus on promoting values that set new standards of Japanese lifestyle by consistently providing our three key sources of customer satisfaction across each era.

Great service ― finely tuned customer service of the highest quality
Great products ― well-made and carefully handpicked products that incorporate a broad global perspective
Great environment ― facilities, spaces, and environments that deliver genuine comfort and pleasure

UNITED ARROWS LTD. recognizes that business entails being useful to customers while delivering benefits and meeting needs. Our basic stance is therefore to bring pleasure to our customers. Put simply, the pleasure of our customers is inextricably linked to the pleasure of UNITED ARROWS LTD..

With this in mind, we promise to adopt a balanced approach toward creating and increasing customer, employee, business partner, social, and shareholder value. Of these five core values, creating customer value is our principal priority. This reflects our understanding that the ability to create employee, business partner, social, and shareholder value rests entirely on securing customer value.

Representative Director,
President and Executive Officer

Mitsuhiro Takeda