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What are the Company's disclosure schedules with respect to monthly sales data and announcements regarding financial results?
Please refer to the "IR Calendar" section of this website for details of the Company's principal IR-related events throughout the year.

- The date of announcements may fluctuate according to disclosure rules and regulations.
- UNITED ARROWS LTD. sends notices of investor relations (IR) updates by e-mail at the time IR information is updated.
- Details of the Company's financial results are announced on a quarterly basis.
- Details regarding the previous month's sales are announced around 3:00 pm on the second business day of each month.
What are the industry terms needed to understand UNITED ARROW’s business operations?

What is the brand portfolio?
The brand portfolio is a tool for compiling and managing each brand concept handled by the Company, target segments, and the market positioning map. Creating a market positioning map that places price ranges along a vertical axis and fashion tastes along a horizontal axis based on each brand concept, we have clarified the positioning of each brand in the Japanese fashion market and target customer segments.

What is the Company’s direction?
The Company’s direction refers to the trends for the spring/summer and fall/winter seasons. The Companywide direction is expressed through the latest fashion information provided by the Fashion Marketing Office (including colors, materials, collections) and social trends. On this basis, we establish a direction that reflects the position of each business as well as target customer segments.

What is 8-season merchandising?
Under 8-season merchandising, product plans are formulated based on each year being broken down into a maximum of eight segments. The 8-season merchandising mechanism was introduced in stages during the spring/summer seasons of 2015. Product plans that were previously classified into the six seasons of early spring, spring, summer, early fall, fall, and winter are now classified into, at most, the eight seasons of early spring, spring, early summer, high summer, late summer, early fall, fall, and winter. This mechanism allows us to provide products that reflect the effective temperatures and customer trends of each season. By accurately assessing the number of items in line with each segmented season while identifying and introducing the right level of inventory, we are improving the ratio of regular priced sales and mitigating any unnecessary increase in inventory. During each season, we are able to make detailed course corrections that include repeatedly verifying and revamping plans on a weekly and monthly basis in line with sales, engaging in additional production, formulating new product plans during the period, and leveraging outlets for early inventory reduction.

What is the product platform?
Introduced in fiscal year ended March 31, 2007, the product platform, which is comprised of a merchandising platform and a production platform, is a framework that supports each of the procurement, production, product launch, and inventory reduction activities. This overarching framework is used to stabilize merchandising operations by standardizing and structuring activities that are susceptible to the experience and skills of employees.

What is the merchandising platform?
The merchandising platform provides the mechanism for ascertaining the current status of merchandise flows and the basis for making decisions. Utilizing the progress management tables and indices consistent across all businesses, UNITED ARROWS LTD. has established a decision-making process that allows the Company to promote the additional production of top-selling items while reducing production and inventories of slow-selling items. As a result, UNITED ARROWS LTD. has witnessed increases in the rates of inventory reduction as well as final sales.

What is the production platform?
The production platform works to formulate the product procurement and production strategies that take us from merchandising planning through to realization. After collecting business-specific information regarding raw material procurement and manufacturing plants on a Companywide basis, the optimal manufacturing plant or factory is selected based on the characteristics of each business and product. This has led to positive adjustments in procurement costs relating to purchases and production as well as lead times in a way that satisfies the five key criteria.

* Five key criteria: Customers can purchase ⑴ the products they want, ⑵ when they want, ⑶ where they want, ⑷ in the quantities they want, and ⑸ at the prices they want.

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Select shops
Select shops are stores that provide customers with products procured from all over the world, based on unique brand concepts and the discerning judgment of their buyers.

The select store SPA strategy
The select store SPA (specialty store retailer of private label apparel) strategy entails mixing merchandise purchased from around the world based on unique brand concepts and the discerning eye of their buyers with private label products. Together with the Company, a large number of stores referred to as select shops adopt this strategy. In handling products that offer the appeal of high-value-added attributes and a distinctive uniqueness, select shops are characterized by being positioned between department and specialty stores at the mid- to high-end price range.

The trend-conscious market
The trend-conscious market is a unique market definition identified by UNITED ARROWS LTD. It refers to a market that is highly fashion-conscious and extremely sensitive to fashion trends. This market is accordingly made up of customers who have a keen interest in fashion, and who seek to enrich their lives through fashion-related pursuits. UNITED ARROWS LTD. categorizes this market into several sub-markets: the high-end market, which handles luxury brands; the trend-conscious and basic trend-conscious markets, which encompass select shops, department store apparel, and urban-type stores specializing in apparel, and the new basic trend-conscious market, which includes fashionable casual specialty stores, and specialty clothing stores in suburban areas. The Company actively develops brands in each category.

The high-end market
The high-end market is a definition unique to UNITED ARROWS LTD. It refers to the pinnacle of the overall trend conscious market. Dealing mainly in luxury brands, it is the domain of such Group businesses as CHROME HEARTS operated by CHROME HEARTS JP, GK and BLAMINK overseen by Designs & Co.

The basic trend-conscious market
The basic trend-conscious market is again a definition coined by the Company. This market mainly covers reasonably priced items sold through select shops, department stores, and urban-type stores specializing in apparel. UNITED ARROWS green label relaxing plays a leading role in the basic trend-conscious market.

The new basic trend-conscious market
The new basic trend-conscious market reflects the recent growing maturity in fashion consumption trends. It has been newly defined by the Company and forms a part of the trend-conscious market. Offering a sense of affordability, this market boasts highly fashionable items covering casual and suburban area specialty clothing store tastes. Most active in the new basic trend-conscious market is the Group's COEN brand operated by COEN CO., LTD.

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Small Business Units (SBU)
In contrast to the mainstay UNITED ARROWS and UNITED ARROWS green label relaxing, SBU bring together multiple small business groups into a single collective. This format serves to meet the needs of a variety of customers on a Group-wide basis by rolling out small business groups that adopt a narrower approach toward target customers, items handled, categories, tastes, and other factors at multiple levels.

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The meaning of "tabaya"
The term "tabaya" in Japanese combines "tabaneta" ("UNITED") with "ya" ("ARROWS"). It is a popular name for UNITED ARROWS LTD. This term is also used extensively throughout the Company as well as in its philosophy and rules.

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The UNITED ARROWS University
The UNITED ARROWS University is a unique, internal training program. The University offers a structured curriculum that helps to foster a mindset based on UNITED ARROWS LTD.'s company policy. At the same time, participants are schooled in customer service techniques as well as measuring, descriptive labeling, and consumer motivation. The goals of UNITED ARROWS University are to ensure a wider and deeper understanding and acceptance of the Company's company policywhile fostering a customer satisfaction -oriented mindset among employees.

The UNITED ARROWS Grand Prix is a role-playing sales contest. A representative from each Group brand is selected to participate. By competing and through a shared sense of excitement, the Grand Prix fosters stronger ties of loyalty to specific brands throughout the Group while enhancing Group unity among the Company's highly skilled sales personnel.

The Sales Master system
The Sales Master system is an initiative created by the Company with the aim of encouraging sales staff to shape their own career paths and actively develop their sales activities into a lifelong career. Sales Master is a title given to specialists who display a highly distinguished level of performance. Every year a select few are chosen from about all sales personnel. This fosters aspiration among all sales staff to attain this distriction and honor.

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