Small Business Units (SBU) are small business groups that actively strive to become the next core business pillars of our company. The Group’s network comprised 8 businesses the figures displayed are as of April 1, 2017.

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Another Edition

Another Edition targets women who want to express their own individuality and creativity through fashion without being overly influenced by the latest trends. The Another Edition brand aims to deliver to customers exactly what they are looking for, by offering a broad spectrum of products from eye-catching through to basic items.

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Jewel Changes

Jewel Changes offers sophisticated, glamorous styles to women who wish to celebrate their femininity. Jewel Changes clothing, accessories, and shoes tap into the latest fashion trends, but achieve distinction by being of very good quality, with superior materials and cuts.

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Odette e Odile UNITED ARROWS

Odette e Odile provides a variety of shoes and other items for women who appreciate shoes as an integral component of the fashion ensemble. Our private label brands, the main offering of this business, contain a perfect balance of style, appropriate pricing, and comfort, allowing us to provide high-class shoes that brighten up the overall coordinated look of customers.

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Boisson Chocolat

The Boisson Chocolat brand is based on a “shoes make your days special” concept. This lineup of footwear is directed to the woman who enjoys fashion. Focusing mainly on basic items for daily use, Boisson Chocolat shoes offer a feminine design and exquisite comfort to all women.

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The DRAWER brand creates a special shopping experience for more‐discerning women who can tune out the noise of fashion fads, through its distinctively sophisticated high‐quality items and a supporting range of well‐coordinated offerings that provide optimal balance between the basic and the high end, as well as its store ambiance.

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The EN ROUTE brand of select shops is based on a vision that emphasizes the creation of a new metropolitan lifestyle. EN ROUTE is a mix of simple city wear that blends casual attire with contemporary running wear. As a fashion statement that originates from Tokyo, EN ROUTE is based on a “wearable Tokyo” concept that brings the same sense to fashion and sports for the enjoyment of men and women.

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Opening stores in commercial spaces within airports, this business provides a mix of items selected mainly from the UNITED ARROWS brand together with original goods offered only at airport stores. Based on the four themes of travel, business, daily use, and gifts, this business aims to support the enjoyment of travelers.

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THE STATION STORE UNITED ARROWS outlets are being opened in commercial spaces within train stations and offer trendy fashions essential for casual and private use as well as the office. These outlets feature a selection of one-piece dresses, handbags, pumps, and other items.

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Net sales by business (Year ended March 31, 2017)